So much news!

So much news!
29 September 2020 Body Délice
Natural hair conditioner

What you missed on Body Délice this summer…

It’s been a while since our last post on our Soap Opera blog…

So many things happened, so many projects, ideas, and opportunities.

Well, let’s give you a quick update now.

Hair Conditioner

Since our Ayurvedic Shampoo Bars, we released a new hair product: a hair conditioner.

It is made with coconut oil and avocado oil, two amazing oils for the hair. The first one deeply nourishes, smoothes, and silkens the hair fiber while the second one brings shine and health through its hair growing properties. Besides, our conditioner is also enriched in Glycerin, a natural softening agent that moisturizes the hair, and Keratin, a protein particularly rich in cysteine, giving keratin a unique strength and protective quality.

This conditioner is an amazing treat for the hair!
It will detangle, nourish, and deeply hydrate your hair. Besides, it’s a non-greasy product that won’t weigh down the hair. On the contrary, it’s volumizing and eases the brushing. In addition, it brings softness and shine, leaving the hair healthy and strong!

You may wonder why did we choose to make solid shampoos and not a solid conditioner?
Well, the answer is quite simple actually! We want to manufacture great products for our customers, safe for you and our environment!
But today, conditioner bars are all made with BTMS, a conditioning-emulsifier that allows the “bar” format. It’s indeed a great product for the hair BUT not recommended for children, highly toxic for marine life (so not greywater safe!), and may lead to eye injuries and skin irritations in case of repeated exposures !!!!!!!!!!!! So just so you know, be careful when using a conditioner bar!

NEW: We have just released a refill option of 8oz in a kraft paperboard jar!!

Collaboration with Sew Francisco

This summer, we also had the great opportunity to work with an amazing entrepreneur, Emeline from Sew Francisco.

Sew Francisco was created by Emeline, a French mom living in the Bay Area since 2017. She handcrafts baby Accessories, Decorations, and Clothes, and use only OEKO-TEX fabrics. Her creations are amazing, high quality, customizable, and made with so much love for your little cuties!

Together, we created a golden pamper box filled with :

  • a cold processed soap bar
  • four washable organic cotton wipes
  • a scrunchie
  • Rose and citrus bath salts in a glass tube

This box had a huge success and we thank you again for your warm welcome!!

We enjoyed so much our collaboration with Emeline, that we might work together on new projects very soon… Stay tuned!

Body Délice displayed in downtown San Jose, CA.

Another great collaboration started this summer!

Body Délice’s products are now displayed in the beautiful zero waste store of “the Source Zero”, downtown San Jose (60 N San Pedro St Suite 30, San Jose, CA 95110).

Have a stop at this cute store and talk to Ashley, the owner, who will guide you and advise you if you start your zero waste journey!

Other newbies in store?

Well, if you follow us closely on our social networks you may have seen all the new bath products we recently released!

Bath salts, bamboo soap dishes, neem wood combs, some new editions of soap bars (Himalayan salt, Black Lives Matter, Rose, Lemongrass…), and our latest release: a hair beauty box!

This hair beauty was specifically created to be vegan, cruelty-free, zero-waste, eco-friendly, and rose-infused! It’s a pure delight for your senses, and your hair will thank you for the treat. It contains :

➳ One rose hair conditioner infused with hibiscus
➳ One rose, sulfate-free shampoo bar
➳ One neem wood wide tooth comb
➳ One scrunchie
➳ One reusable pouch


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