Body Délice

  • Sep292020
    Natural hair conditioner

    So much news!

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    The latest news concerning our product releases, collaboration opportunities...

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  • Jun092020
    shampoo bars

    Natural & Ayurvedic Shampoo Bars

    All you want to know on our shampoo bars!

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  • Jul102019
    6 reasons for using a bar soap

    6 reasons for using a bar of soap

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    Discover 6 good reasons to use a cold process bar of soap instead of using a manufactured shower gel, liquid…

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  • Mar152019
    Body Délice moves in California

    Body Délice moves to California!

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    Body Délice has now its headquarters in California!!! Fresh start for our adventure...

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  • Oct042018
    cold process soap

    Cold Process Soap

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    What is a cold process soap? And what's the difference with an industrial soap?

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