Body Délice moves to California!

Body Délice moves to California!
15 March 2019 Body Délice
Body Délice moves in California

Body Délice moved from Michigan to California!!!!

It’s time to share this fantastic news!

After 18 months in the beautiful neighborhood of Birmingham, we left Michigan in January with my husband, right in the middle of the polar vortex… Goodbye cold and snow, welcome warmth and sun!

On the road to our new home, we discovered the Arches, Monument Valley, Antelope Canyon, Zion National Park, Denver, Boulder, Sequoia Park, Death Valley… Amazing! Guys, you really have a beautiful country. It’s so different from a state to another, so full of surprises, we really enjoyed it.

So here we are: now, Body Délice has its headquarters in California. YAYYY!!

French Inspiration, Hand Made in California


We deliver all over the US and you can also find our products in the beautiful shop Southern Serendipity in South Carolina, on Myrtle beach. This shop has just opened and offers trendy women clothes, jewels, and many accessories. If you’re in the surroundings, make sure to stop there and greet Kim, the founder, and owner of this shop 😊

To finish this “Body Délice” News event, I’m happy to tell you that I’m currently working on new lines of products. I think one, in particular, will soon to be my favorite one!

Do you want a clue? …. haha! It’s still soap, but smaller than the ones you already know with the “Bath Soap” line, fancier than the “Sophistiquées” range, let’s say with a royal effect and a tasty look, and on the top of that, as colored like a rainbow. So, any guess?



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