Me, Body Délice and my French world


Who’s behind Body Délice ®?

Hi there! I’m Sophie, I’m French, and I am the Founder of Body Délice. I currently live in the amazing city of Santa Cruz in California.

When I’m not drinking a cup of tea, I’m making my own cosmetics! For instance, I’ve been crafting toothpaste, shampoos, deodorants, lotions, moisturizers, hair gel… For that reason, I love trying new recipes and I confess, my husband is my favorite guinea pig!
When we decided to come to live in the US, I got certified in making traditional cold process soapThen, I created Body Délice, an online business of natural bath and body products to share with you my passion!


Ville Lumière

I was born and raised in Lyon, the third largest city of France.
Also called “The City of Light“, Lyon is famous for its “Festival of Lights” on December 8th. Supposedly, the Virgin Mary saved the city from a deadly plague in the Middle Ages. Since then, the inhabitants of Lyon traditionally place candles at their windows sills on December 8th. Then they enjoy light shows all over the city!
Besides that, Lyon is also well known for its gastronomy:
  • quenelle, fish dish formed into an egg-like shape
  • salade lyonnaise, lettuce, bacon, poached egg, and croûtons
  • coq au vin, red wine rooster stew
  • andouillette and rosette, kind of sausages
  • marron glacé, chestnut candied
  • coussin de Lyon, tidbit with chocolate, honey, sugar, almonds, and curaçao
  • cervelles de canut, cheese with herbs, vinegar, salt, pepper, and olive oil
Anyway, you get the idea, all the food is soooo good in Lyon! 🙂




“Body Délice®” ?

Through Body Délice®, I wish to share my passion for natural bath and beauty products. As far as I can remember, I’ve always had a special bond with these products. For example, when I was little, I used to buy my mother some bath oils, bath bombs, lovely soap, or lavender moisturizers on Mother’s Day.
Understandably, treating yourself can quickly become your favorite thing in your day.
And I admit it easily, I am an addict to this beauty routine! Obviously, I’m always eager to grant myself with these special moments of pure and simple happiness! Honestly, what could be better than that?
That’s exactly where the name Body Délice® comes from, the Delight of the Body. So indulge yourself in a wellness break to pamper yourself!

My Deepest Beliefs

As you might know, France is famous all around the world for its cosmetics, haute-couture, and gastronomy. Indeed, the “Made in France” is like a guarantee label, a reliable witness of the art de vivre à la française
Though, I realized that many companies in France (but not only), don’t bother with ethical behaviors.
For example, many companies are not offering handcrafted and environmentally-responsible products as they claim to do. Most of the time, the quality of their products is questionable. Sometimes, their production process is even disastrous…
So, through Body Délice ®, I wish to bring awareness. Because I want Body Délice ® to be a committed company in those causes:

No Chemicals

Creating good quality products does not require as many ingredients as you think. The thing is that many chemicals and synthetics, hazardous both for your health and the environment, are added in manufactured products.  And it’s true for cosmetics, food, and clothes!


As you know, the environment is approaching a tipping point. Indeed, societies need urgently to stop massive consumption, planned obsolescence, the use of plastic, palm oil… And must experiment with new trends such as “the zero waste”, local food, organic products…

Animal Welfare

Each living being is precious and worthy. That’s why animal testings need to stop. Obviously we don’t need animal fur to fight the cold or only be fashionable. Similarly, we don’t need them to test our next mascara. We live in the XXI century and there are many innovative and alternative solutions today.










Together, let’s make a difference! 

When you buy Body Délice ® products, you are helping nonprofits.


Because a portion of your payment will be
donated to associations.


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