How you can help amid the Covid-19

How you can help amid the Covid-19
2 April 2020 Body Délice
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We are all in this together

Amid this COVID-19 pandemic, some of you would like to help.
And it’s often in these times of crisis that you discover the best in people.

This is one thing I literally love about the US: how folks can be spontaneously united, supportive, and generous in general, but especially during a crisis.

It’s beautiful to see how everyone is coming together. I honestly feel thankful to be taught such a life lesson.

So I wanted to share with you some beautiful initiatives.

If you’re feeling helpless during this pandemic, even under a lockdown, you can still help!

If you want to help, here are some ideas

You can give blood! 

Donors are needed urgently. Some patients need ongoing infusions in order to survive. Scheduled surgeries will get postponed. You may help.

In the Bay area, several places can be reached:

Donate your PPE

Personal Protective Equipment, or PPE, is used in hospitals and clinics and protect the medical staff while taking care of patients diagnosed with COVID-19. Facing a national shortage, they call for help on social media through #GetMePPE.

So if you have some gloves, masks, hand sanitizers, gowns, eye protection, disinfectant wipes, thermometers (forehead only) left at home, do not hesitate to donate them!

And in the Bay area, be aware that UCSF and Stanford Health Center are now taking donations of PPE. Stanford accepts donations at 550 Broadway and UCSF at the Mount Zion Medical Center, UCSF Mission Center Building, and Benioff Children’s Hospital Oakland.

Support businesses helping amid the crisis

Hedley & Bennett, the South Cal handcrafted workwear business usually designs aprons, tote bags, smocks, and other chef gears.

They heard the cry for help and decided to answer the call.

As they have the material, the know-how, and the hustle, they developed a reusable, protective mask in concert with Dr. Robert Cho, Chief of Staff of Shriners for Children Medical Center in Pasadena, CA, and have transitioned their factory in Vernon, CA to begin producing these critical supplies.

Each time you buy a mask, one is donated to a healthcare facility in need.


You can volunteer and help communities, the elderly, homeless…

Here’s a list from the San Francisco Chronicle which compiles the different ways you can help the most vulnerable.

Animal Shelters

You can donate, volunteer, or become a foster parent during this coronavirus crisis.

East Bay SPCA

Human Society Silicon Valley


Of course, these are just ideas. There are many other ways you can help in these tough times.

Take care and stay safe!



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