Natural & Ayurvedic Shampoo Bars

Natural & Ayurvedic Shampoo Bars
9 June 2020 Body Délice
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Solid Shampoo Bars

It was our last big announcement: our shampoo bars are officially available !!! (Here to shop them).

Truth is, I didn’t expect so many people would be that excited about shampoo bars. That’s for sure some good news! The bad news is that I was sold out on two references in only two days…  haha

But no worries, I’m crafting some fresh new batches for you.

In the meantime, I can tell you more about these solid shampoos…

First, what’s a shampoo bar?

Instead of liquid shampoo, you have a solid bar which is so much BETTER !!

Our shampoo bars are :

  • economic: one bar has an average of 50 washes
  • plastic-free: no more plastic container to dispose of
  • zero-waste: completely biodegradable
  • sustainable: safe for the grey waters and the environment
  • travel-friendly: customs hassle-free and 100% leak-free in your toiletry bag
  • cruelty-free: I guess there’s no need to explain 😉
  • natural: all our shampoo bars are free of paraben, dyes, phthalates, endocrine disruptors, BHA, silicon, mineral oils, palm oil, and above all sulfates!

What does “sulfate-free” mean?

The key ingredient in a solid shampoo bar is the surfactant. Basically, it’s the agent that gives the texture and the foaming capacity of any shampoo bar.

The thing is that many surfactants contain sulfates (best-known surfactants: sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS), sodium Laureth-sulfate (SLE), sodium coco-sulfate (SCL)…).

On top of being very aggressive for the skin, not biodegradable and toxic for aquatic life, studies have shown that these sulfates have the property to easily pass the epidermis barrier leading to cancer over time!

That’s why we worked so hard to offer you a sulfate-free shampoo bar!!

So I guess you’ll ask now: what surfactant do I use?

At Body Délice, we care about your health and our environment. That’s why I found a safe surfactant, sulfate-free, completely biodegradable, and made out of coconut: sodium coco-isethionate (not such a sexy name, but I didn’t choose it!).

And you know what? This surfactant has naturally hair-conditioning properties and is suitable for sensitive skins!!

Ayurvedic Powders

Our shampoo bars are enriched in ayurvedic powders, which are natural treasures coming from India. These plant-based powders have amazing benefits helping to reveal the natural beauty of your hair.

Hibiscus Powder

Hibiscus powder provides strength and shine to hair, stimulates hair growth, prevents both hair loss and split ends, and is also anti-dandruff.

Orange Powder

Orange ayurvedic powder has wonderful detangling properties, brings shine, softness, and smoothness to the hair, and stimulates the scalp to strengthen hair fibers.

Neutral Henna & Neem Powders

Neutral henna brings strength, shine, and volume to the hair without dyeing them. Combined with Neem powder, it relieves dry itchy scalp and helps fight dandruff.

Rhassoul Clay

Rhassoul clay is not an ayurvedic powder as it’s coming from Morocco, but it also has amazing properties for hair.

Perfect for oily hair, this shampoo bar absorbs the excess sebum and let your scalp hydrated and well balanced. Besides, it strengthens the hair and brings volume and vitality.

How to use a shampoo bar?

Super easy!

First, wet your hair and your shampoo bar. Then, two options from here:

  • You can rub the shampoo bar on your wet hair to work up a lather,
  • Or you can rub the bar in both hands to work up a lather, then apply the lather to your wet hair.

Last but not least: Packaging options!

We worked on two packaging options for our shampoo bars:

  1. A compostable wrap + tissue paper (ink soy)
  2. A reusable travel tin box, perfect for your road trips!

Because as you know, we are truly committed to protecting our planet and the environment.