Go green on Thanksgiving

Go green on Thanksgiving
27 November 2019 Body Délice
An eco friendly thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving !

I love Fall in the USA because you never get bored.

Summer break is barely finished that everybody’s preparing Halloween festivities. And then, it’s time for Thanksgiving, just a month before Christmas. That’s really awesome !

And I know how important Thanksgiving is for Americans.

So, happy Thanksgiving to you all !! Enjoy this family gathering full of joy, laughter and good food.

But in the light of our “green spirit” so dear to Body Délice, I’d like to give you some tips to spend a tremendous time during Thanksgiving, totally eco-friendly and sustainable. How does that sound?


Go Green on Thanksgiving

Hostess Gift

First thing first, an eco-friendly gift. I have so many ideas!

What about an homemade dish for the feast? Or your very special pumpkin cheesecake? I’m sure your hostess will be delighted to have something less to cook and it’s a good way to share your recipes. Don’t forget to shop local (farmer’s markets are the best places), this way you encourage local business. Obviously, buy organic, it’s the key for any healthy food and you wouldn’t like to eat pesticides on Thanksgiving day…

You can also bring beautiful soy wax candles (please avoid the ones with paraffin, it’s basically petrol and so bad for our planet).

And of course, what about a beautiful macaroon soap box handcrafted according to the traditional soapmaking process? 100% biodegradable, healthy, vegan, cruelty free, without any palm oil, toxins, paraben, phtalate, silicon or other hazardous chemical products.
Just saying… 🙂


No need to buy anything, we are in Fall, so just go into the parks, woods or next to a lake and get inspired by Nature!

I personally love colorful leaves on a table, driftwood with candles, fluffy blankets on the sofa… All that creates such a cozy, warm and welcoming home for guests.


Consider using silverware, plates and cloth napkins! Please, please, please, forget about plastic plates, plastic silverware or paper napkins!

Ok, you may need to make an extra dishwasher cycle. So what? It’s holiday, you have time and your green conscious for you.


Two options here:

  • You give some leftovers to your guests with a reusable container (and careful here, I’m not talking about plastic bags!)
  • Or you can tell your guests to bring their own containers (let’s create the BYOC!!).

Hopefully, it will lower the amount of food wasted and thrown away.
Speaking about that, do you know that Americans waste 150,000 tons of food each day?

But you have also other solutions to handle leftovers.

For example, you can create new recipes. Here for some ideas.

Of course you can freeze them. And here’s another feast for Christmas or New Year’s Eve!

Or you can also think about having a compostable waste bin in your yard!


These are only few ideas, I’m sure you can find others. But you get it, with some good will and creativity, you will soon have a Green Thanksgiving!



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