Green Dating Sites

Happy Green Valentine’s Day
14 February 2019 Body Délice
Green Dating sites

Happy Valentine’s Day !

In this loving day, I’ve decided to tell you more about dating sites.

Why? Because nearly half of the population is still looking for love and the good news is that online dating is no more seen as the last attempt for the lonely and desperate ones to find love. And above all, it works! (my own sister found love on a dating app…)

So, what’s your dating site??

The problem is that the market of singles is very lucrative.
With thousands of dating sites and apps, finding love is like looking for a needle in a haystack.

But if you have a “green” lifestyle, I may have an idea for you!


Green Dating Sites

Not so easy to find love when you’re vegetarian, raw food diet, vegan, zero waste, addicted to recycling, holistic medicine, ecotourism or a fan of permaculture.

Fear of mockery, criticism, judgment, or only value conflicts, no need to waste more time with another relationship that sucks, right? Because we all need to find in our soul mate an echo to our values, and being with a carnivore when you’re vegetarian is not an easy task!

So if you love cooking what you find in your garden, avoid buying plastic to save our oceans, tinker your radio instead of buying a new one to avoid mass consumption and planned obsolescence, or just love nature and respect our environment, you may want to try a green dating site.

They are called “Green Singles”, “My Green Lovers”, “Planet Earth Single”, or “Natural Awakening Singles”. They are all free and will connect you to over Green Lovers of your area.

So good luck in your perhaps soon to be fifty shades of green experience!






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