A ban on Fur Trapping

California officially bans fur trapping
5 September 2019 Body Délice
fur trapping banned in California

Fur Trapping banned in California

Yesterday, on the 4th of September 2019, Gavin Newsom, 40th Governor of California, approved on AB#273.

Lorena Gonzalez’ Assembly Bill aimed to ban commercial and recreational trapping on both public and private lands in California.

Trappers are a symbol of the Old West. Even before the 1848 Gold Rush, fur trapping was an important part of California’s Economy opening San Francisco’s Bay area to international commerce.

That’s why, a century ago, California counted 5,000 trappers. But fortunately, in 2017, only 68 trappers remained. They reported to kill 1,568 animals (10 species reported taken).

Lorena Gonzalez said on her Twitter account that “Fur trapping is a cruel practice that has no place in 21st century California”.

And that is so true, because in order to not damage pelts, trapped animals are often strangled, shot or beaten to death…

These cruel practices came to an end yesterday in California, making this State, the first one to ban fur trapping!

Hurrah !!!!!!

To go further…

You get it, after two articles on my blog on that topic (“no more fur” and “California State fur ban“), I am strongly in favor of fur bans.

And to be honest, I was totally flabbergasted to see that trappers could still exist today! For me, trappers are synonym of a bygone age, like in Jack London’s novel “White Fang”, or like in the early American history between native people and British settlers. You see?

Then I wondered what could possibly motivate nowadays trappers. I mean, who would like to do such a thing? That’s how I came upon this interesting Vice International Video. The reporter met with a YouTube Trapper star in Canada…

Careful though, some images may shock some of you.



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