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  • Apr302019
    Stop Food Waste

    Stop Food Waste

    On the 24th of April was the "Stop Food Waste Day", the occasion to be aware of the heavy consequences of our global food waste.

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  • Mar152019
    Body Délice moves in California

    Body Délice moves to California!

    Body Délice has now its headquarters in California!!! Fresh start for our adventure...

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  • Feb142019
    Green Dating sites

    Happy Green Valentine’s Day

    Did you know that dating sites exist also for Green Lovers?

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  • Jan252019
    vegan tattoo image article

    Vegan Tatttoo

    Sea Shepherd Tattoo's Studio is open in Amsterdam since March 10th 2018. Do you want to try a "Vegan Tattoo"?

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  • Dec192018
    no more fur image article

    No More Fur

    50 million animals are killed each year to make coats, collars or hoods. Do you think that wearing dead animals look trendy?

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  • Dec052018
    marilyn monroe image article

    Norma Jeane

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  • Nov282018
    palm oil, a large scale scandal

    Palm Oil : a large-scale scandal

    Palm oil is the cheapest oil you can find on the international market. It is used everywhere but its production has a huge price to pay on an environment point of view.

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  • Nov192018
    Main image Cranberries article

    Cranberries for Thanksgiving

    Do you know everything about cranberry's production? Well, it offers some surprises...

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  • Nov132018
    taking a hot bath to burn calories

    Consider taking a hot bath to burn calories

    Do you like taking a hot bath after a hard working day? Relaxing with soft music, a good book and a glass of wine? Surely I do! But did you know that in addition to the relaxing effects, a hot bath allows to burn calories?

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  • Oct292018
    color in soap

    Colors in soap

    Let's review the different colors which exist in the soapmaking process. SPOILER : some are natural others are chemical! Which one do you want to put on your skin?

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  • Oct182018
    • cruelty free image article

    Being cruelty free

    Do you think that any living being should suffer or even die to allow you to wear lipstick, mascara, lotion, shampoo or nail polish? Let's all be cruelty free!

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  • Oct042018
    cold process soap

    Cold Process Soap

    What is a cold process soap? And what's the difference with an industrial soap?

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