Nonprofit Organizations We Support

Nonprofits we support

Because Body Délice believes in a better world, each year, we redistribute a portion of your payment to different nonprofit organizations.



Santa Clara Valley Beekeepers Guild

You may have already heard this: “bees are dying”. Indeed, this is a sad reality resulting from climate change, pollution, pesticides, radio frequencies, parasites… 

As a consequence, the situation for bees is dramatic. Up to 80% of hives may have disappeared in some parts of the world. And in the US only, one million hives disappeared in 35 years! 

As a matter of fact, we desperately need the bees for our survival. Without these pollinating insects, our fruits and vegetable productions are at risk!

That’s why Body Délice selected Santa Clara Valley Beekeepers Guild. Because we wanted to support this local non-profit organization, and help the Guild’s amazing mission to advocate for the well-being of bees.


Somes figures on Bees 

Bee species in the world

Numbers of workers a hive can contain

Miles to be traveled to produce 2 Lbs of honey

years - lifetime of a Queen bee

Another nonprofit, Farm Sanctuary

Farm Sanctuary was founded in 1986 by Gene Baur, a vegan activist who fights for animal rights and food movement. He traveled around the US in the 1980s to investigate factory farms, stockyards, and slaughterhouses. And the unacceptable and awful conditions he discovered in these places convinced him to create Farm Sanctuary. That’s how he rescued, Hilda, his first rescued sheep.

Farm Sanctuary wants us to open our eyes to factory farms that dominate food production with abusive practices to increase their profits with no regard for animal welfare, the environment, and even our health.

On their website, you’ll find a lot of information on factory farming. For example, an introduction to the issues of our food system is offered in schools to bring awareness to young people. 

Visit their website here!

Somes figures on Farm Sanctuary


Acres in total in both shelters

rescued animals

People working for Farm Sanctuary

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